Hex Ads is one place for multiple advertising technologies of Video, Display and Mobile.We are using smart advertising platform to help our advertisers to reach their targets most exactly.

Best service for Advertisers

We at Hex Ads are focused on providing the best solutions for our advertisers. Hex Ads consistently delivers outstanding, effective digital advertising results to its clients

Monetize with Hex Ads

Advertisers are willing to pay more for highly targeted traffic, as it converts into more clicks and gets the desired results they're looking for. The higher click through rates, coupled with the higher cost per click, results in more revenue for the publisher

Video Advertising

Integrated with the leading programmatic platforms so you can access our demand and supply from everywhere. Target any device whether it's a phone, tablet, TV or desktop. Reach any audience wherever they are

Universal Ad Server for Maximum Results

HexAds Ad Server is a powerful ad serving platform, exclusively developed to meet the needs of private exchanges, blind ad Networks, affiliate and CPA networks, and re-targeting platforms


Global connectivity

HexAds is currently connected to all major RTB platforms and serves over 10B RTB banner impressions per month.

Revenue Optimization on the fly

Unique in-house revenue optimization algorithm based on Big Data analysis

Easy Campaign Set-Up and Management

Simplify your digital campaign management with HexAds powerful all-in-one ad server

Advanced Targeting & Quality Control

Target users by city, state, country, keyword and more manually or via our API. Qualify channels by any desirable metric.

Video Ad Serving

All-in-one VAST 2.0 compliant ad server for all your video ads Desktop, Tablet, Mobile.

Report & Analytics

Inventory forecasting. Graphical dashboard. Variety of reports and metrics updates inreal-time to make decisions more efficient.

HexAds clients:

Any questions?


What can HexAds do for me?

HexAds will make you more efficient, saving you time, while helping you maximize revenue, and simplify your advertising. HexAds will help you measure results and deliver successful campaigns. From organizing, targeting and serving your ads to tracking ROI, delivering unbiased statistics and much more.


What advertising formats does HexAds support?

HexAds serves almost every possible ad format including HTML5, HTML/CSS/JS, Flash, Images, Email ads, Mobile ads, Video ads etc. If you can do it on the web we can serve it.


What kind of customer support could HexAds provide?

Working with HexAds, you’re provided with a qualified dedicated account manager, who’d be willing to assist you in solving every occurring issue.


Why is HexAds the fastest in the world?

HexAds's ad engine is developed by engineers from the ground up to be fast. Very fast. On top of that we use state of the art servers on the best and fastest networks making us over 30% faster than other popoular ad servers.


Do you have API?

HexAds provides Publisher/Advertiser API, Sign-up & Login APIs, Ad Serving & Reporting APIs and much more.

Have any other questions?

Give us a call and one of our account managers will be happy to help.

+44 203 868 4032